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Detailing Services

Advanced Coating

  • Polishing and coating protection
  • Anti-rust, anti-oxidative acid rain
  • UV resistance
  • Anti-scratch/gravel/spiral pattern
  • Zhuanli Nanocomposite Ceramic Coating (7H + 9H)

Car Deep Cleaning

To take care of the health of our guests, we first use special disinfection and cleaning products for your vehicles

Multi-directional deep cleaning of cage fleece, plastic trim, seat leather, floor, gaps, etc.

Then use atomizing sterilizer and ozone sterilizer to go deep into all space pipes in the carriage to implement the most thorough disinfection process.

At the same time remove odors in the air conditioning system.

Manual Car Wash

Choose Carpro professional body cleaning products for thorough cleaning,

In addition to removing stains, it focuses more on improving the gloss of the body appearance.

And use special soft fiber gloves and rags for construction, never scratch the body.